Last week we had a blast while shooting some commercials for The Michaels Group.  We had one of the longest days that we’ve had in a while but it was also one of the most fun days. Our team was able to partner up with Ann Marie Lizzi who we had direct the day.

That day had everything from someone hiding in the back of a car to having multiple shooting locations. We even some dogs came out to play.  We’d love to thank everyone for all their hard work. Whether it be Chris on the camera while the other Chris was working the audio, Colleen and Ann Marie working with the actors or Zach and Andrew helping get everything set up, everyone did a fantastic job.

Overall we had a lot of fun this past week and we are excited for you to be able to see some behind the scenes pictures.  Look below for some of the pictures that were captured throughout the day.

img_0201 img_0204 img_0209 img_0210 img_0215 img_0216 img_0217 img_0218 img_0222 img_0228 img_0230 img_0237 img_0239 img_0240 img_0242


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