We’ve worked with various realtors while we’ve been working in the real estate world and one that always stands out is Gillis Realty.  We’ve been working with Gillis since 2015 and have gotten to see a lot of cool places.  Gillis Realty is based out of the Adirondacks and anyone that knows the people that work at our studio knows that everyone here loves the Adirondacks. We’ve gotten to do real estate photo and video work for them but we also manage their social media accounts.

While working with Gillis we’ve gone up to the Adirondacks for a bunch of different video shoots. We’ve gotten to see some amazing lakefront property that make you go WOW at the beauty that hides in Upstate, NY.  During Winter we even got to go up to the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival which we were able to check out an Ice Castle and create some content for Gillis and their social media platforms.

If you’re looking for a new place up in the Adirondacks or just want to see some awesome places check out Gillis and the work they do.

Here’s one of the first videos we did with Gillis. For some recent content check them out on their facebook.

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