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Studio Rentals

Filmworks 109
Studio Rental is available here at Filmworks 109.  Whether it be a green screen or a custom set, we have the ability to fulfill many needs.

At our Studio here in Albany is conveniently located near Albany International Airport.  We currently have a 35ft green screen that we have used for a wide variety of Corporate video, Business videos and even Photo Shoots.  We also have customizable studio that has moveable walls that has allowed us to create a variety of sets that have included a office space and even a portrait photography set.

When you rent our space you get access to amenities including:  a kitchenette, lounge area and a changing room.  This allows both you and your clients to have everything you could possibly need and allows for ample space for relaxing between scenes.


In addition to these amenities, Filmworks 109 can work with you to supply other equipment or resources if you need them.

Contact us for more information about renting our space for your next project.

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